[mrtg] Re: Problems with Max speed

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Sep 8 19:24:39 MEST 1999

> Hello
> I have 2 problems:
> 1- The values of flow In and flow Out are wrong and i don't know the
> Max speed are 248 Kb/s although that the real value is 2Mb/s

You probably have 248 kilobyte per second. This is (248*8=)1948 kilobit
per second leaving 52 kilobit per second for framing or so.

For connections the following statements are true (in general at least):

1) kilo is 1000, mega is 1000 kilo
2) speed is measured in bits per second

It is custom to make a difference between Kb and KB in this case,
b being bits and B being bytes.  248 KB/s == 1948 Kb/s

MRTG displays in byte per second, still using kilo == 1000.

If you are monitoring DISK space or MEMORY then you may use the "kilo"
option as mentioned in the documentation.

> 2- I have a interface with:
>  - Max speed: 248 KB/s.
>  - Current in 40%.
>  - Current out 80%.

This just means that your link transfers approx. 99 kilobyte/second
towards your router and 198 kilobytes/second towards the other end.
I don't think you should talk about 60% utilization and it certainly
isn't 120%
If you think of it as being 60% then you can almost double your traffic,
this isn't true because you have only 20% left going out. If you must
talk about general utilization I think it should be the higher number,
80 in this case.


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