[mrtg] MRTG & Windows NT: creating a MIB from performance counters

Deflorio Angelo a.deflorio at exch_srv.finsiel.it
Thu Sep 9 13:07:02 MEST 1999

Hi all,
I have read it is possible to create a MIB from NT performance counters,
using perf2mib and mibcc on ResKit.
It works with NT performance counter (memory, cpu, and so on), as reported
on the help pages.
I'm trying to do the same with other performance counters, added by another
MS application (SNA Server 4.0 SP 2) and it does NOT work.
I'm using Windows NT Server 4.0 SP 4 with NT Resource Kit 4.0 and executing
the following command:
perf2mib sna.mib sna.ini "SNA Connections" 99 sna
it generates an empty sna.ini file and a sna.mib file containing only the
first part of the performance mib
Anybody knows what's wrong? 

Angelo Deflorio
Netsiel S.p.A. - Bari (Italia)
+39 080 5092342
a.deflorio at netsiel.it

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