[mrtg] Unscaled and in bits...

Archer, Kyle Archer.Kyle at principal.com
Thu Sep 9 17:45:40 MEST 1999

	I was wondering if I was doing this right...I have a router running a
frame-relay circuit, 2 PVC's, both 128Kb/s.  S0 shows up as a T1 (which is
fine), and S0.1 / S0.2 show up as 128000 (maxbytes) and 128Kb/s circuits
(forcing to bits).  When I put in unscale the graphs become distorted, and
scale to 1040.0Kb/s when shouldn't it stop at 128Kb/s ?  I would like the top
of the graph to be the max of the circuit....how is this done?

Kyle Archer

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