[mrtg] Babkbone Total Utilization = 143,2 %

Presciliano dos Santos Neto presciliano at qualityware.com.br
Mon Sep 13 14:54:51 MEST 1999

I'm monitoring a 64Kbps serial in a Cisco 2501 router.
My config is the folowing:

# Add a WorkDir: /some/path line to this file
WorkDir: c:\InetPub\wwwroot\ci\redes\mrtg
IconDir: ..\icons

Directory[_]: routers
Options[_]: bits growright
WithPeak[_]: ymw
Suppress[_]: ymw
YLegend[_]: Bits por Segundo
Xsize[_]: 580
Ysize[_]: 180
ShortLegend[_]: bps
Legend1[_]: Trafego de Entrada em Bits por Segundo
Legend2[_]: Trafego de Saida em Bits por Segundo
Legend3[_]: Trafego Maximo de Entrada em 5 Minutos
Legend4[_]: Trafego Maximo de Saida em 5 Minutos
LegendI[_]:  Entrada:
LegendO[_]:     Saida:
AddHead[_]: <base
Target[posinfo.cisco.2501.ser1]: 2:public at
Unscaled[posinfo.cisco.2501.ser1]: ymwd
MaxBytes[posinfo.cisco.2501.ser1]: 8000
Title[posinfo.cisco.2501.ser1]: Cisco 2501 - Serial 1/2
PageTop[posinfo.cisco.2501.ser1]: <H2>Roteador Cisco 2501 Posinfo</H2>
   <TR><TD>Interface:</TD><TD>Serial 1/2</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Velocidade:</TD><TD>64 Kbps</TD></TR>

I'd like to understand why the current percentages sum exceeds 100%. Is
this right or not ?

 Max IN:        63.6 kbps (99.4%)
 Average IN:    35.3 kbps (55.1%)
 Current IN:    61.1 kbps (95.4%)

 Max OUT:        53.0 kbps (82.9%)
 Average OUT:    10.3 kbps (16.0%)
 Current OUT:    30.6 kbps (47.8%)
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