[mrtg] Can I track Source IP's on web Servers using MRTG

Derek Grocke derek at eds.net.au
Mon Sep 13 14:57:55 MEST 1999


This is probably a lame question, but here goes.
Can I use MRTG to track target web servers through the one router gateway?
i.e.. I have a Web server farm with a router connecting it to the net.

I would like to monitor the gateway only and determine all traffic that goes
to and from the IP address of the WEB server.

Any additional information would also be handy. i.e. ICMP attacks blocked at
a router but intended to go to an IP address in the web farm, SSL Traffic to
an IP.

I can not determine if this information is within the SNMP information
available at the gateway (router interface), from the documentation on your
site or others.

The main reason I would like to do this is to charge the customer, denoted
by IP address and give some idea of the sort of traffic they are getting.
Both Attacks blocked at the router and legitimate traffic.
I would like to prevent direct querying of the servers by the monitoring
station (MRTG station) as we already have an additional monitor which does

Also it will reduce the complexity of the site configuration if this is not
I also envisage aggregating the information to the Web Site IP address for
multiple gateways as we upgrade to a multiple path system.

Regards & Thanks

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