[mrtg] Re: MRTG ver 2.5.3 - Viewing SubInterfaces

Larry Sheldon lsheldon at creighton.edu
Mon Sep 13 15:59:52 MEST 1999

> Is there a way to view data on Ethernet subinterfaces ? My current setup
> allows viewing of all Serial interfaces and subinterfaces but on the
> Ethernet side only interfaces. 

The issue is, as always, does the device provide SNMP data for the thing
you want to look at?  If it does, MRTG can report it.

If it does not, but the data are available via some non-SNMP vehicle, then
MRTG can still report it, but you will have to do the data-mashing external
to the MTRG programs.

If the data are not available at all, then MRTG can not report it.
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