[mrtg] Re: Tigris

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Mon Sep 13 18:25:53 MEST 1999

> I am new in MRTG can any one pls tell me meaning of following error
> i tried to gather current modem conection of my tigris (acc) chasis.
> ERROR: If specifying the full OID, you must specify
> 2 full OID's separated by '&'. Error found with
> " at" in
> ABORT: Please fix the error(s) in your config file
> There support people send me above oid .
> Any help is appreciable.
> Reagrds,
> Asif
You need to do specifically what it states, per the config.html you need
to OIDS. One for the In data and one for Out data. You could use the
same one for both if you wished. They will need an & between the two of

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