[mrtg] Re: problem with statistic values

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Tue Sep 14 00:44:51 MEST 1999

> Sample:
> Past week our 1 GBIT Layer 3 switch had a max out value of 1000K,
> reported on wednesday.
> Today (monday) the max out value of the past week displays only 160K. Also the
> month and year graphics doesn't mention the 1000K value anymore.
Are you sure you didn't forget/misspell/whatever the WithPeak option ?

In a 5-minute interval you reach a value of 1000K. When you look at the
30-minute interval, this is 6 times longer. This means that your
***average*** is 6 times smaller. 1000/6 is remarkably close to 160...

> I use mrtg-2.8.8 on a RedHat 6.0 server. With the new installation of this
> release I created new cfg files for all devices and didn`t change them since
> then.

Try two things:

- Search your log for the 1000K value. If it's there (around line 650 or so)
  but only in the 4th or 5th column: bingo, see above.
- Try to use your old config files and/or compare them with your new ones.

Be aware of global targets such as "WithPeak[^]: ymw" being in effect,
the order is important, they should come before your real targets.


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