[mrtg] Re: Total Bandwidth Usage

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Sep 15 00:44:31 MEST 1999

> 1.  How do you make MRTG display total bandwidth usage (in %) of T1
> line?
>    Currently it displays In/Out statistics of the router every 5 mins.
>    Adding these two values may not be accurate as it may exceed 100%

It is not okay to add the values. You have 193kB in and 193kB out.

> 2.  The Y - scale on the graphs do not display full bandwidth capacity
>     of T1 line (i.e. 193 KB/s).  The graphs end at 176KB/s.  How would 
>     I make the graphs display the Full capacity of the line?

Turn off autoscaling, look in the options section of the documentation
on http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg

> 3.  I would also like to monitor another Cisco router connected a
>    Fractional T1 Line.  How can I combine statistics from these two
>     router to display total T1 usage?
If you only want to view the sum, just add them inside one target. This 
is described very well in the docs.

If you want to view them apart and added up you may want to start using
rrdtool (see 14all in the contrib dir) and create the sum-graph without
an extra poll of the devices. You do need to study rrdtool a bit ofcourse.


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