[mrtg] URL Address Change

Garth K. Williams garth.williams at home.com
Wed Sep 15 17:07:41 MEST 1999

Pardon the intrusion,

Just a quick note to let people know that my web site has an address change.
I have recently purchased my own domain name, and what with CJB.NET's free
URL redirection services being wonky, it seemed like a good time to complete
the move.

The "SNMP for the Public Community" web can now be reached at

Recent changes include:

- links to Cisco SNMP Technical tips, and TCP/IP configuration on IOS 11
- how to repair SNMP after it goes berzerk after applying SP5 for NT
- James Drew's NetWare extension NLM to MRTG
- SNMP overview and Private Enterprise OID codes (like MS=311, Cisco=9,
Novell=23, etc.)

Thanks folks, and have a great day!

Garth K. Williams - Systems Engineer (MCP+I, MCSE, CNA)
Williams Technology Consulting Services
Edmonton, Alberta  Canada	Phone: (780) 469-4341

Web: http://www.wtcs.org	Email: mailto:garth.williams at home.com
Home of: http://wtcs.org/snmp4tpc - SNMP for the Public Community

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