[mrtg] Antwort: Compaq Insight MIB

Thomas.Ellwanger at derdata.de Thomas.Ellwanger at derdata.de
Thu Sep 16 09:43:03 MEST 1999

Hello Matt,

you can find a Dokumentation "Integrating Compaq Insight Manager with
Enterprise Platforms (Compaq TechNote)" on the Compaq Insight Manager CD.
Also you can read the MIB   cpqhost.mib, the MIB contains the Information
you need.

A little Example how to integrate in MRTG.
Target[tiger.platte.0_1]: at XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
# Es wir der Compaq Insight Manager Agent "File System Space Used (%)"
WorkDir: /usr/OV/web/httpd/htdocs/rzbericht/mrtg
MaxBytes[tiger.platte.0_1]: 100
Title[tiger.platte.0_1]: Plattenauslastung tiger Volume C:c_platte /
E:onredologs in %
PageTop[tiger.platte.0_1]: <H1>Plattenauslastung tiger Volume C:c_platte /
E:onredologs in %</H1>
Options[tiger.platte.0_1]: gauge
YLegend[tiger.platte.0_1]: Auslastung in %
ShortLegend[tiger.platte.0_1]: &nbsp
LegendI[tiger.platte.0_1]: &nbsp;%:
LegendO[tiger.platte.0_1]: &nbsp;%:
Legend1[tiger.platte.0_1]: Auslastung Volume C:c_platte in %
Legend2[tiger.platte.0_1]: Auslastung Volume E:onredologs in %

(See attached file: Cpqhost.mib)

Have a lot fun
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