[mrtg] router uptime?

Joe H joe at its.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Sep 17 03:00:52 MEST 1999

This request keeps "bouncing" back from the list server with regards to
some command in the subject line or first few lines?...anyhow, here we go 
again - hopefully it will get out this time!

Hi all
Probably a simple one, but anyhow, I have just set up mrtg to monitor
the cpu utilisation on a Cisco 7513. The strange thing is that the
graph continually updates but never does it display the router uptime
All you see is .....
"The statistics were last updated Thursday, 16 September 1999 at 15:00"
but not as it should show (by default)
"The statistics were last updated Thursday, 16 September 1999 at 15:00 ,
at which time 'target.router.org.au' had been up for 67 days, 6:41:41. "
I have also tried the option of including the comment in mrtg.cfg file
RouterUptime[target.p]: public at target.router.org.au
which also did'nt work.
Any of you gurus have any ideas? Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

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