[mrtg] Re: Plot computers online/each computers traffic

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt glratt at is.rice.edu
Sat Sep 18 10:50:54 MEST 1999

On Sat, 18 Sep 1999 paul.rosberg at esrange.ssc.se wrote:

> I want to use mrtg on my network to plot the number of computers that are
> using the network at the moment.
> I also would like to be able to see how much traffic each computer on the
> network is using.
> I know this can be done by installing snmp on each computer...

> Maybe someone knows of someone that have done this before? For now I have
> just MRTG to monitor the total traffic use for the whole network.
> Doesn't that snmp information also contain traffic data about each
> ip-number?

	Hmm..in my experience, a MIB will include an ARP table, from
	which you can determine who's actually sent *any* packets in
	the last (ARP cache expire interval); I don't know, however,
	of any way to get traffic data on non-SNMP hosts without
	logging all packets and analyzing the logfile.

	That said, of course, my router is a Cisco, so YMMV.


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