[mrtg] Re: Compaq/Microcom 4000

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Tue Sep 21 01:00:28 MEST 1999

> It does if you are running a PRI.  I can get data from it but the channels 
> up/down don't make sense and none of the numbers make sense.
> Eric

> >
> >Has anyone successfully monitored the Compaq Microcom 4000 (Microcom
> >ISPORTE)?  I got something from the D channels but it doesn't make any
> >sense.  I'd like to monitor the modems and the totals.
> >
> >Eric

I don't know this device so this is nothing more than a wild guess:

If you have a pri and use modems to receive/setup analog calls, each
analog call may count as two: a modem in use and a B-channel in use.

What does snmpwalk return ?


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