[mrtg] Re: smtp & pop traffic

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Sep 22 15:54:23 MEST 1999

> Hello,
> Can any body tell me how to monitor SMTP & POP traffic of our mail
> server with the help of mrtg.

1) Find out what it is what you want to monitor. SMTP traffic is not
   good enough, you will have to find a way to get numbers.
   Do you mean mails per second, bytes per second on port 25, etc.
2) When you know how to get those numbers, make sure to understand
   what they represent. If they are number of xxx since restart, it is
   a counter value, if they are not related to time (perhaps you can
   ask for the current rate) it is a gauge. Also understand that messages
   per second is probably not good unless you are a big company or an ISP.
   If not, use the perminute or perhour options.
3) When you know above mentioned stuff you can think about MRTG and it is
   rather simple to implement it. Repeat: when you know above stuff.

How to collect:

There are scripts available for some platforms.
There may be SNMP OIDs available to use.

Things are different on the different OSes so don't expect a ready answer.
NOTE: step 1 is *not* MRTG related however there may be people on the list
willing to help out, provided you tell what OS, what mail program etc.


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