[mrtg] Stack Error and the swith configuration.

Koujiro Iuchi iuchi at yano-el.co.jp
Wed Sep 22 16:08:05 MEST 1999

Dear everybody,

I have two question for the mrtg.
Please suggest me my problem and  Use the switch configuration.

Problem is
My environment are:
    RH Linux 5.1 + MRTG 2.72 +GD1.3
    CPU Pentium 100Mhz
   RAM 16M + HDD swap 100MB
   and Cisco 2501 router.

Kernel Stack  Error occured when running MRTG 3 or 4 days after.
And so Hung Up host.
   Cause of problem  is  poor  memory ??
   Or MRTG bug?

How do it configure to the Switching hub?
 My environment are:
  Baynetworks 350T switch
  Kalpapana EtherSwith Pro16 and Aliedtelesis SMTP hub.

I think that  use Switch Vender unique OID for apply the  bandwidth
 of  the switch's port.
Is this correct?
If it yes, please inform me that information or refer site.

Please help me,experienced person.

Koujiro Iuchi
Network Administrator.
E-mail: iuchi at yano-el.co.jp

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