[mrtg] Re: Off Topic Request (sort of)

Bill Nash billn at globalcenter.net
Wed Sep 22 20:50:45 MEST 1999

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Neil Calvert wrote:

> This is somewhat offtopic, so please don't hit or yell.. I'm running
> MRTG on linux now and it's happy and glorious. What I could really use
> though is a Linux GUI Mib-browser (sorta like getif for windoze) and I
> was wondering if anyone out there knows of such a tool? 

	That's less off topic than you'd think, really. A good answer to
this question opens up a good tool set for the rest of the readers. =)

> T'would be real handy for tracking down those pesky OIDs to graph...

	And on the note of good answers:

I use a CGI based mib browser, TNM 2.1, which is based on the
Scotty/Tkined family of SNMP tool kits. It takes a little vit of work to
setup, but it works great. A really good online resource is:


The TNM/Scotty pages are at:


Happy hunting. =)

- billn

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