[mrtg] Re: smtp & pop traffic

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Sep 23 02:01:43 MEST 1999

> ok Thanks a lot ,i understood what u said now tell me Is this posible to
> minitor traffic of fast ethernet attached to our mail server specifically with
> port 25 & 110 .i-e
> # ./cfgmaker public at my-mail server ip (can i some how specify port here).
> Regards,
> Asif

Here we go again, quoting myself:

> Things are different on the different OSes so don't expect a ready answer.
> NOTE: step 1 is *not* MRTG related however there may be people on the list
> willing to help out, provided you tell what OS, what mail program etc.

You won't be able to tell mrtg only to monitor port 25 and port 110.
MRTG does not monitor ports, it processes numbers.
You provide the numbers, mrtg makes nice pictures from them.
You need to find a way to count all bytes going to and from those ports.
MRTG won't do that, it takes the results of this and processes those results.

Depending on your OS and your SNMP setup, there is a chance that you can
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^           ^^^^^^^^
monitor all traffic, filter out and count traffic on those ports, make
this data available to the snmpd program so that it can be queried by
mrtg. Even then, it won't be a standard solution so it probably can't be
handled by cfgmaker.

Stop thinking about mrtg for a while, concentrate on the counters you
want to get. This was step one in my reply to you. Only when you have
those counters (by whatever means) you can start thinking about mrtg and
how to import those counters in mrtg.

Look in the contrib directory of the mrtg distribution for some ideas
on how to collect data.

I cannot help you at all collecting this specific data. Unless you
specify your OS, nobody can. If you do specify your OS you have to
be lucky to find help here on this list, you may want to try other
lists (or news accessable via http://dejanews.com) for your OS.

Once you have the data available and still have problems with
mrtg, don't be afraid to ask for help here on this list.

Do not be discouraged by this mail, you are just asking the wrong
questions in the wrong place. MRTG is not magic. It will produce
the graphs on your input once you are able to gather it.


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