[mrtg] monitoring linux eql link

Balazs Miklos mbalazs at kabelkon.ro
Fri Sep 24 16:48:22 MEST 1999


I have an (I think) difficult problem.. I have to monitor a Linux EQL
interface (an EQL interface can use several PPP lines as one, resulting in
a bigger bandwidth). The problem is that Linux doesn't provide correct
data in the EQL interface, so I have to do something with the two PPP
lines running in EQL then, by adding the rx/tx values of the two lines.
This would be easy, but: Linux dinamically asigns interfaces to PPP lines,
so you can't tell which interface is witch (I have several PPP interfaces
on this server, not only these two). I need to decide wich lines to
measure, and put them in one graph (by adding the two rx and tx values, I
Is this possible? How?


Balazs Miklos
System Administrator
Kabelkon Internet Service Provider - www.kabelkon.ro

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