[mrtg] Re: MRTG and Threshold Parameters on NT...

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sun Sep 26 14:10:39 MEST 1999

> Hi folks,
> I'm still have yet to get the MRTG Threshold parameter to work on NT.  Has
> anyone been able to get this to work with calling a perl program from the
> ThreshProgO or ThreshProgI?  I was able to change the target to a .bat file
> without quotes and it works fine:
> ThreshProgO[someTarget]: c:\perl\bin\perl c:\perl\progs\testProg.pl
> But when I change it to run a perl program:
> ThreshProgO[someTarget]: c:\perl\bin\perl c:\perl\progs\testProg.pl
> It comes back with "CFG Error in "threshprogo[currauth.isdnhub2]", line 21:
> Threshold program `c:\perl\bin\perl c:\perl\progs\testProg.pl` cannot be
> executed"
If it works with a bat file and not with a perl file, this most likely
has nothing to do with mrtg. Are you able to run the perl script from
the command line? Or from a bat file perhaps? Could there be a problem
with user rights? Are your PATH settings correct?

As a workaround: call a bat file from mrtg and let this bat file run
the perl script. When this works you can modify your bat file to see
where things go wrong.


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