[mrtg] showing fractional values (cpu load)

Leif Neland leifn at neland.dk
Sun Sep 26 23:55:10 MEST 1999

As mrtg can't show decimal numbers, I multiply cpu load by 100 to graph it.

YticsFactor 0.01 gets the right legend on the left, but how can I get the legend at the bottom right?

I'd like it to show 0.61 instead of 61.0/100, as the config below does.

Target[smtpload]: `/usr/local/mrtg/getdisk.pl smtp 0`
Title[smtpload]:  smtp's loadlevel
MaxBytes[smtpload]: 10000
PageTop[smtpload]: <H1> smtp loadlevel </H1>
Suppress[smtpload]: y
LegendI[smtpload]:  loadlevel
Legend1[smtpload]:  loadlevel
YLegend[smtpload]: loadlevel
YticsFactor[smtpload]: 0.01
ShortLegend[smtpload]: /100
Options[smtpload]: gauge,nopercent

`Daglig' graf (5 minuts Middel)
 Max loadlevel 61.0 /100   Middel loadlevel 13.0 /100   Nu loadlevel 0.0 /100  


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