[mrtg] Trouble w/Cisco CPU utilization

Frank Ritchie FrankR at darbygroup.com
Mon Sep 27 18:38:13 MEST 1999

Hi All... here is a piece of my mrtg.cfg file

Title[Wby_Router1_Serial]: Router 1 (Frame-Relay)
PageTop[Wby_Router1_Serial]: Serial Interface <H1>
Target[Wby_Router1_Serial]: 3:public at
MaxBytes[Wby_Router1_Serial]: 64000

Title[Router1_CPU]: Router 1 (CPU Utilization)
PageTop[Router1_CPU]: CPU 5 Min </H1>
. at
MaxBytes[Router1_CPU]: 100
AbsMax[Router1_CPU]: 100

For some reason the traffic graph is fine but the cpu
util is not...an snmp get with the oid works ok...any ideas?
Frank Ritchie 
frankr at darbygroup.com

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