[mrtg] Newbie Questions not in the FAQ

Shawn Barnhart swb at mercury.campbell-mithun.com
Tue Sep 28 18:14:44 MEST 1999

I have some newbie questions that don't seem to be in the FAQ.

1) Not entirely mrtg related, but is there a "lite" webserver runnable under
linux (rh 6.0) usable for serving mrtg-generated pages?  I don't need a
full-blown apache installation for mrtg, which is the only thing I want to

2) I'd like to be able to monitor some switches with mrtg.  I've run
cfgmaker with community at switch and I get a config, but I can't seem to run
indexmaker and get an index page for the switch.  Do switches treat their
interfaces in a way that keeps cfgmaker and indexmaker from building an
index page?

3) Is it a problem to call mrtg at less than at 5 minute intervals?  I'm
monitoring a small number of interfaces and would like to update it every 90

Other than that, it seems to work really well.


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