[mrtg] Re: Newbie Questions not in the FAQ

Shawn Barnhart swb at mercury.campbell-mithun.com
Tue Sep 28 19:57:26 MEST 1999

| It is possible to get mrtg to run faster than five minutes, but 2 things
| need to happen. First, you have to change your cron command time (I'll
| assume you know this, or can find it somewhere) and the second thing is to
| actually modify the mrtg perl script. The reason for modifying the script
| that when it generates the html pages, it sets the timeout at 300
| minutes) and you will want to drop this to be as often as the cron job
| I don't remeber where exactly this is at, but I know it works, because I
| have 6 different mrtg jobs that run, and 5 of them run every minute
| (mrtg-ping-probe). I have an older box, so I had to split the config file
| into multiple files to finish in 1 minute.

Yeah, I know I need to change the cron job. :)

The only place I find timeout defined is in SNMP_Session, where it's defined
as 2 seconds.  Seems to be compounded by the backoff variable (defined as 1
second), which increases the timeout variable, with a maximum of 5 retries.
This means to me that the maximum amount of "delay" would be 2+3+4+5+6 or 20
seconds, assuming success on the fifth retry and that five retries means
five addtional attempts beyond the original attempt, or six total attempts.

I wouldn't want to poll more than every minute (cron doesn't run more than
every minute anyway), as I've noticed that, especially on older cisco
equipment, frequent polling causes loads of CPU usage.

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