[mrtg] MRTG and crontab

Nail, Thomas nthomas at sbis.sbc.com
Tue Sep 28 21:43:46 MEST 1999

I'm fairly new to the MRTG world and am having some problems getting data.
I'm using MRTG to monitor CPU utilization and load as well as memory use on
Solaris systems (via snmpget's) and everything runs fine as long as I run
things from the command line.  I'm using the UC Davis snmp daemon with
mrtg-2.7.4b. The problems begin when I try to automate the job in the
crontab; I get no data reported to the logs and no pretty-looking graphs.
There are no error msg's and everything seems to work fine....just no data.
Here is an example of the CPU idle config:

WorkDir: /usr/htdocs/mrtg/cpu
WriteExpires: Yes
YLegend[cpuidle]: % Idle
ShortLegend[cpuidle]: %
LegendI[cpuidle]: Percent Idle
MaxBytes1[cpuidle]: 100
MaxBytes2[cpuidle]: 100
Options[cpuidle]: gauge

Target[cpuidle]: `snmpget blah.blah.net public
enterprises.ucdavis.extTable.extEntry.extOutput.1 | awk -F\" '{print
int($2)}'; echo 0; echo 0; echo 0`

BTW, the target line is getting it's data from an mpstat on the remote box
when it is called. Clunky, but it works. Any help would be greatly


Tom Nail

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