[mrtg] Programs that work with MRTG.

Mitch Vincent mitch at venux.net
Wed Sep 29 16:17:15 MEST 1999

I've used MRTG for years but only to graph bandwidth. I've run into a need
for a quick and easy way of graphing some information though, I immediately
though of MRTG.

I went and looked at some of the programs in the /contrib directory and they
seemed very straight-forward, however most of them gave errors when I tried
to run them through MRTG and the others did nothing at all..

In most of the contributed programs instruction for use they said to do
something like :

Target[whatever]: `/usr/bin/program argument whatever blah`
MaxBytes[whatever]: 12500000
Title[whatever]: Something
PageTop[whatever]: <H1>Something

And they all gave the impression that the results of the program run
("program" in the above example) would be graphed somehow. Now some of the
programs there, when I ran them at the command line just outputted numbers..
Is that all MRTG needs to graph data? Just a number?

Evidently not, I tried a very simple script that outputted numbers and ran
it through MRTG, I got something like :

Problem with Externale get '`/usr/bin/program`':
    Expected an INTEGER for 'out' but got ''

That is much like the error I got with the other program in /contrib

I know nothing about perl, so I can't just look at the mrtg source and tell
what's going on..

Thanks for any and all help/suggestions.

- Mitch

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