[mrtg] Another question :-)

Mitch Vincent mitch at venux.net
Wed Sep 29 17:55:12 MEST 1999

Ok, new question.. What I'm trying to do is monitor and graph disk usage,
memory usage and load average on a server of ours.. I was initially going to
make external program to determine all the above then it dawned on me, I can
get all that via snmp..

If I use snmpget with


I get my available disk space. Yet with this in mrtg :

.dskEntry.dskUsed.1:public at my.box.net

I get

SNMPGET Problem for
.1 sysUptime sysName on public at my.router.net

I'm doing something wrong almost for sure, I just dont kow why it would work
via command-line snmpget and not through MRTG..

Thank again guys :-)

- Mitch

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