[mrtg] Re: A question

Tim Kennedy sugarat at thunderhold.sugarat.net
Thu Sep 30 02:39:33 MEST 1999

I for one don't see anythign inappropriate with Joey's response.
I consider it common courtesy to read FAQs, and READMEs and the other
documentation, when I pick up a project.I expect the same courtesy in
return.  Don't cry wolf with a FAQ that could be answered by the
most casual of glances at the website, and then act surprised when you get
/dev/null'd and nobody responds to any more of your posts.  Not that I
would /dev/null anyone.  :)

Don't take this as criticism. Think of this as trouble shooting training
if you want.  Or an Easter Egg Hunt.  Trust me.  You will have a
tremendous sense of satisfaction when you solve your own problem.  Even if
you read the solution in some hidden backwater of altavista. :)

I know.  I am always shooting my mouth off here, *especially* about this
subject.  I tried to read this one through, and apologize in advance for
any offense.  None is intended.  I only mean to ask people to please RTFM.
People actually put alot of hard work into maintaining document suites and
FAQs.  Thank them by reading it.  I thank them every time a FAQ answers
one of my questions.

To answer the original question, I have successfully run MRTG on Solaris
2.5.1, 2.6, and 2.7.  Both sparc and x86.  On FreeBSD 3.x, with and
without SMP kernels, and on Linux both pre-2.2 libc5, and 2.2.x libc6, in
all cases with Perl 5.005_03 or above.  FreeBSD and Linux, only on X86
I have seen people run it on NT, but I would never do it.  I have heard
tell of people running it on AIX, OSF1, OpenBSD, NetBSD, SunOS 4.x, even
I have looked at the data from mrtg in Netscape 2.2 through 4.6.1, IE 4.x
and 5.x, and Lynx-2.8.1 (where it shows just the text, not the graphs)
It is browser independent, and platform independent between client and

For those of you reading this in the archive, hello from the past.
Now the answer to the original question is indelibly scribed forever here
in the list, and noone can ask this question till 2038, when we will have
the Epoch problem.

Thank you,

-Tim Kennedy

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Mark Hendricks wrote:

> If the question does not deserve a response, then don't respond.
> I recognize that the size of Texas is only eclipsed by the size of the egos
> within it, but try to have some common courtesy towards others.
> > are you being serious in asking this? if you are serious, then I highly
> > recommend that you do some serious pondering into what it is that you are
> > looking for, and then go back and read the main MRTG page.
> >
> > this question does not even deserve a response.
> >

Timothy Kennedy
sugarat.net, Network Management Resources

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