[mrtg] Language problem nt4 workstation

Philipp Kunz phil.kunz at ins-group.ch
Thu Sep 30 10:42:51 MEST 1999

Hi mrtg- users,

1. I already installed mrtg-2.8.6 on a NT4 workstation (US English)
including perl, rateup and fiveminute. Everything was working fine.

Today I tried the same on a German set up machine. Everything is
working, (mrtgkick.bat can be started by hand), without the "3at.bat"
I took a closer look, and saw the the days defined in "2.bat" are in
english. (m,t,w,th,fr,s,su). Trying to start this scheduler I always get
an error back.
I think this must be the problem.

Who can help me, maybe by saying how the days have to be written in

2. What is the easiest way to set up the mrtg.cfg file with more snmp
How can I define more within this file?

I really look forward to get some support.

Thanks a lot.

Philipp Kunz

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