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David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Thu Sep 30 15:48:09 MEST 1999

It should run on any unix platform that supports the required libraries,
as well as Windows NT. Both platform types will require the installation
of Perl. Unix platforms will require the installation of the respective
gd libraries.

http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/mrtg.html#INST goes over
the installation of MRTG on a Unix platform. This would be the same
location where you got MRTG from as well as information about this
mailing list. The original message may have been tweaked the wrong way,
but if you can't read the page where you got the software.

David C Prall, MCNE MCSE          DCP Technologies
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> This is a forum for asking all MRTG-related questions not for personal
> attacks.
> To answer the question, I've installed MRTG 2.8.8 on a UNIX box
> Solaris 2.7.
> Hadiza Mohammed
> Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications
> Network Operations
> Valley Forge, Pa.

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