[mrtg] One more question..

Mitch Vincent mitch at venux.net
Thu Sep 30 16:01:53 MEST 1999

First I want to thank everyone on the list for helping me out with screaming
to "RTFM" , I was very pressed for time and absolutely had to get some
results yesterday, I did thanks to you guys.

I have been reading the docs and have re-done what I initially did

Here's the conf :

Target[doot]:. at mybo
Title[doot]:  Doot's /usr  partition % used
MaxBytes[doot]: 100
PageTop[doot]: <H1> Doot's  /usr partition % used </H1>
Suppress[doot]: y
LegendI[doot]:  % used
Legend1[doot]:  % used
YLegend[doot]:  percent used
ShortLegend[doot]:  used
Options[doot]:  gauge

 Ok, you all can see what I'm doing there.. The problem is the actual graph.
I only want to graph the percent used, there is no second value. Providing
the same value for both is producing very strange results (like one graph
going clear up to 30+ when the number returned in that OID is 9 .. Is there
some way I can nullify that second value somehow?  Could there be another
problem with the way I'm doing this?

Thanks guy, you're all lifesavers :-)


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