[mrtg] multiple lines on the graphs

Robin Kearney robin at riviera.org.uk
Thu Sep 30 18:30:35 MEST 1999

I would like to graph 4 seperate figures which I am collecting from a sun via sar.

I current use a script to monitor system and user time, but I would like to add
'time waiting for IO' and 'idle', I appreciate that 100 - (system+user+wio) = idle
but it would be nice to see them graphically.

Can mrtg graph 4 seperate things.  I have tried to make the external script to output
4 ints like this:


and my .conf file has legends for all of these:

Legend1[db0.idle]: % of time spent in user mode
Legend2[db0.idle]: % of time spent in system mode
Legend3[db0.idle]: % of time spent waiting for IO
Legend4[db0.idle]: % of time spent idle

but they don`t seem to appear on the graphs.  All I get is the first two.

If this is possible, is it also possible to make the table under each graph
show all four?

I would be gratefull for any information on this topic.

info.name("Robin Kearney");		info.mobile("0973 818 354");
info.email("robin at riviera.org.uk");	info.web("http://riviera.org.uk/");

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