[mrtg] Re: auto start mrtg on win2k using terminal services for remote admin...

Kruepke lister at kruepke.com
Tue Apr 4 16:19:49 MEST 2000


I don't know if you have thought of or maybe even tried this, but if the goal here is to start MRTG on a Win2000 machine, you can use the MRTG Statistic Updater (MSU) service.  I have used it on Win2000 already, with no problems.

If you have already tried this or this will not resolve the real issue at hand, there is a Resource Kit utility for WinNT called SRVANY.exe.  I'm not sure if it exists in Win2000 or not.  The utility was featured in Windows NT Magazine in February and March (the This Old Resource Kit column).  I don't know a lot about it overall, but you may want to try and track down in formation.

Finally, do the terminal services in Win2000 give you access to the remote console or just to the machine?  I know that WinNT Terminal Server was just the machine, so having it logon automatically was probably not a security risk.  I had figured it was the same for Win2000, but I have not worked with that.  If it is, using an auto-logon should work, IMHO.

Well, I hope something I've included here helps point you in the right direction.  I've probably give you more questions than answers... :-)

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You could insert it in the startup folder for all users....

Gr. Rene

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remote admin...

Does anyone know of a way to automatically start a batch file when windows
2000 starts...

I know that in NT 4 you could adjust the registry to logon automatacally and
then what ever was in your StartUp folder would get started... That would be
OK, but I am using terminal services for remote admin, so, I don't want
anybody that connects to my terminal services to get automatacally logged on

I noticed that there is  a service running that is called "RunAsService"...
Is that so you can run other apps as serviceses?  If not, is there anything
like that?


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