[mrtg] Re: Convert colours of graph

afroeland at dansystem.dk afroeland at dansystem.dk
Wed Apr 5 14:19:14 MEST 2000

Hi Saknon

Add a line in the top of the cfg file
Colours[_]: GREEN#00AF00,BLUE#1000Cf,VIOLET#ff00ff,AMBER#FF8000
You can then ajust the colors RGB from 0h to FFh. You can also make a small
where you have color GREEN#FF0000, then the color "green" will be displayed

See also the doc in the doc lib.

Andreas Froeland
Afroeland at dansystem.dk

Saknon Kangsumrith <saknon at inet.co.th> on 05-04-2000 12:25:38

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Subject:  [mrtg] Convert colours of graph

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To All
    I just want to convert the colours of graph from green to blue and
blue to green. Does anyone have any ideas?

Saknon Kangsumrith

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