[mrtg] Re: How do I Save Populated HTML Pages

Steffen Kluge kluge at fujitsu.com.au
Wed Apr 5 16:00:41 MEST 2000

On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 09:17:51AM -0400, Copsey M Brian CONT NSLA wrote:
> I am trying to save the MRTG produced HTML files for certain targets
> monitored to send to customers.  When I save the html file I only get the
> text and none of the gif images are populated in the saved html file.  I am
> sure that I am missing something very simple.

Yes, the gif images :-)

You'll find them in the same directory as the html file. There
are four of them, if the html file is called target.html there
will be target-day.gif, target-week.gif, target-month.gif and
target-year.gif. You may also want to save any logo images that
appear on the page, for example the MRTG logo with the rotating
"G". They are either in the same directory or in the configured

I usually pack all these files together into a tar.gz or zip
file before mailing them. Beware of (un)packers that mangle
filenames in Windows manner. A file called my-router.2-day.gif
may end up as my_rou~1.gif and won't match the reference in the
html file anymore.

But if I understand your question correctly, what you really
want to do is save them all automatically from within the
browser. There are plenty of web sucking tools capable of this
but I'm not aware of any graphical browser that does this at the
moment. Netscape 6 (a.k.a Mozilla) is just around the corner,
maybe it can do it...  (one can always hope ;-)


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