[mrtg] Re: How to use target with shell syntax

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Mon Apr 10 20:11:06 MEST 2000

Jessie Bryan wrote:

> Options[home.net]: growright,nopercent
> When I type the command I am getting about 130 on avg.

    Taken from config.txt:

          Treat the values gathered from target as absolute and not as
          ever incrementing counters. This would be useful to monitor
          things like disk space, processor load, temperature, and the
          like ...

          In the absence of 'gauge' and 'absolute' options, MRTG treats
          variable as a counter and calculates the difference between the
          current and the previous value and divides that by the elapsed
          time between the last two readings to get the value to be

          This is for data sources which reset their value when they are
          read. This means that rateup does not have to build the
          difference between this and the last value read from the data
          source. The value obtained is still divided by the elapsed time
          between the last two readings, which makes it different from
          the 'gauge' option. Useful for external data gatherers.

    In your case, you don't have anything specified in Options, which means MRTG
takes the current value, and calculates the difference between that and the
previous one, then divides it by the elapsed time.  So, if you have an average of
130 => (130-130)/300 sec. => 0

    Try setting it to 'gauge', see what happens.


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