[mrtg] Re: mrtg-ping-probe --> how can I tell when a device go es down??

bob smith mrtgboy at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 10 22:33:16 MEST 2000

Thanks to those who responded to my problem.

Jeff, your script works just fine....

but for some reason I can't get it to work well with MRTG. I don't think 
it's a problem with your script either. Have you got it to work with MRTG?

When I run the script on a machine that is up it returns 100 0 (100% 
packets, 0% loss). When I unplug the machine it comes back with 0 100. All 
looks just fine (running it from the command prompt: mrtg-packet-loss.pl -k 
10 MachineName). However... the MRTG log file only reports the following 
regardless of its UP or DOWN state:

<time> 100 0
<time> 100 0 100 0

EVEN when the machine is unplugged it responds with 100 0!! I'm totally 
confused why it does this. I've played with this for hours and can't seem to 
get anywhere. The ONLY time it's ever switched in the log file is when I 
swap the variables of the output:

--> print "$packet_avail\n$packet_lost\n$";
--> print "$packet_lost\n$packet_avail\n$";

This actually causes the log file to read:

<time> 0 100
<time> 0 100 0 100

...why would THIS make a difference? When I try this .pl file with the 
switched vars from the command prompt the output looks IDENTICAL to that of 
a machine unplugged from the network using the unedited .pl file, yet the 
edited .pl file reports to the log file in reverse.

Does the .pl file "talk" to MRTG some other way? I assume the print command 
(listed above) is the only way it passes output for logging.

The original mrtg-ping-probe works just fine on my machine... and it, 
obviously, is very similar to your version of the script.

Any ideas?

The mrtg-packet-loss.pl file is enclosed for those who do not have it.

Thanks for your time!


>From: "Meisner, Jeff D" <MEISNEDJ at aramco.com.sa>
>To: "'bob smith'" <mrtgboy at hotmail.com>
>Subject: RE: [mrtg] mrtg-ping-probe   -->  how can I tell when a device 
>go	es down??
>Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 07:02:15 +0300
>Here is the script, use it the same way as mtrg-ping-probe except it 
>packets recieved and packets lost
><< mrtg-packet-loss.pl >>

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