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Kruepke lister at kruepke.com
Tue Apr 11 15:42:15 MEST 2000

I may be wrong about this (maybe someone can be more authoritative), but I think that a situation like this is caused by the reliance on MRTG (or any SNMP tool) on the way that the machine in question presents its information.  For as much as we would like to see the same config work across platforms, sometimes that will just not be the case.

Even though your MaxBytes value SHOULD be right, it is probably more important to look at the empirical evidence and conclude that it is not.  I think you should go with what you've been able to ascertain so far and try to change your MaxBytes value.  Testing the only sure way to know.

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...but how do you figure the maxbytes.  I have RH 6.1 box with 64 meg of ram
and I specified 65536000 in the MaxBytes spot but when the graph shows up it
only shows 0.1% and it is totally in "K", I have another machine just like
it that does it also.  But then I have an NT machine that I setup the config
the same way and it reports correctly.  Any ideas?



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