[mrtg] Re: MaxBytes Values?

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Wed Apr 12 18:44:57 MEST 2000

Josh Hill wrote:
> What are some examples that people are using for MaxByte Values for T1's, ISDN, 10 Megabit Ethernet, etc....etc....
> Is there a good rule of thumb on how to figure out what MaxByte value to use for other size circuits?

Why a rule of the thumb?  MaxBytes is just that: the maximum number of
bytes that the interface will move per second.

For 10MB ethernet this will be:
10,000,000 bits per second == 1,250,000 bytes per second --> 1250000

ISDN, 1 channel, 64kbps --> 64,000 bps --> 8,000 Bps --> 8000

Other speeds are calculated the same.

There has been some discussion on the actual speed of a T1 connection.
IIRC it depends on the framing bits used.
I just checked a cisco router (2514) and this one reports a bandwidth
of 1544 kbps --> 1,544,000 bps --> 193,000 Bps --> 193000
Other people argue with this value, they say it should be 1536 kbps and
therefore the value should be 192,000 Bps...  If you're able to do so,
just check for yourself on a completely saturated line.

When in doubt use both MaxBytes and AbsMax.  In that case the MaxBytes
setting will be used to calculate the percentages while AbsMax will be
used to discard values above this setting.

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