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Daniel R . Kilbourne daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net
Thu Apr 13 17:23:41 MEST 2000

Not to sound like a jerk, I am really trying to help here.

Rather than send an email to this list asking a basic question and waiting hours/days for an answer, why not read the documentation first? Many questions I see asked (especially this week it seems) are answered in the documentation available from the mrtg home page (http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/mrtg.html for those of you that don't know). 

Also, check the archive for the mail list too. It has some very good info and answers in it.

I am in no way trying to discourage people from asking questions, but things like how to add device info together and how to monitor temp on a Cisco router are answered in the mail list/archive and/or from websites associated with the product.

I myself have probably asked some dumb questions, so I fully expect to get flamed, but I am honestly just asking that we all do a little more work before asking a question that is answered elsewhere after being asked a thousand times.

Daniel R. Kilbourne
daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net
Voyager.net Network Engineer


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