[mrtg] Re: General information about MIBS, OIDS & other stuff

Beverly Wilson bwilson at daedalus-books.com
Fri Apr 14 01:48:01 MEST 2000

>From a mrtg/SNMP newbie to another....
Please excuse the length and any corrections are welcome from those more in the

Hi there, I'm new to mrtg and SNMP also. I've been watching the list for about
a week and a half.

Here's what I've gotten on your first question. 
MIBs = Management Information Base and is a text file in hierarchical tree
format listing the Management Information fields that can be
monitored/set/reset, etc.

OID = Object Identifier which is the numeric sequence or path down the tree to
the value you want to monitor.

If you get ahold of the GETIF program (link below) and give it your Ascend's
address, then go to the MBrowser tab, Click the Walk button, you'll see the MIB
text description of the tree's leaf, and below that the OID. You'll also be
able to look at values and probably depending on your equipment, there is a
description about the value you're looking at. 

The SNMP FAQ in case you haven't found it:


As for the Ascend Max 6000, I can't help you specifically, but try this--
from your mrtg/run directory:

perl cfgmaker public@"your Ascend's IP address here" >>ascend.cfg

Don't include the quotes. I tried it, and after looking it over, I found the
port I wanted to monitor, then pasted that block into my mrtg.cfg file. (I also
ran GETIF to examine the MIB and OIDs, but I don't recall the link. Found it! 
GETIF 2.2 is at:  http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Hills/8260/ )

I don't understand these things yet, but at least it's working!  <grin>

Bev Wilson

At 4/4/2000 10:35 AM -0500, you wrote:
>Friends, I'm a new user learning MRTG, ( and SNMP protocol ) Does anybody
>could explain more about MIBS and OIDS?  What's the difference??
>How can I "add" a MIBS or OIDS in the MRTG?
>I need to monitor Ascend Max 6000, where I can get the MIBS/OIDS
>I'll apprecite any information
>Best Regards,
>Mario Marquez
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