[mrtg] Re: Incoming and Outgoing traffic direction

Jeff Donovan jdonovan at beth.k12.pa.us
Fri Apr 14 14:25:59 MEST 2000

Greetings Andy,

lets say you have this config:

{ISP}s0 -----------s0 [ your router ]e0------> your clients/MRTG

If you monitor your routers serial interface " s0 " the green lines 
will represent " INCOMING " data. This means data that cam from( or 
through ) your ISP to your routers interface

The blue Lines would represent " OUTGOING " data. This is the data 
that came from your s0 to your ISP.

Now if you monitor e0:

same thing,..green is the "INCOMING" data. that means,..data from 
your clients to the routers Ethernet interface.
Blue is the "OUTGOING".

--- man it's early for me,..I haven't had enough coffee,..I hope I 
explained that right :)


>I'm a newbie to MRTG.
>I have a machine connected to one of the module/interface of a cisco router
>I use a thrid machine to monitor the interface.
>I'm confuse of the graph, does the incoming traffic ( green ) imply that
>traffic from the outside world thru
>the router to my machine OR my machine to the router to the outside world.
>And vice visa for outgoing traffice ( blue ).

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