[mrtg] Re: Please help ----- Monitor Cisco 2509 modem poll

Paul Wozney pwozney at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 18 11:01:36 MEST 2000


  I found that I had to upgrade the IOS to 12.0 before I could make the oids 
from the modem-mgmt mib work.  I was running a Cisco AS5300 with IOS 


  I found that as soon as I reloaded with the upgraded IOS it worked 


I use this config:


###### This device monitors the number of modems in use

Target[5300-mdm]: at foo.bar.bug.bah
MaxBytes[5300-mdm]: 120
Unscaled[5300-mdm]: dwmy
Title[5300-mdm]: 5300 Modem Usage
YLegend[5300-mdm]: Modems
Options[5300-mdm]: growright,gauge
WithPeak[5300-mdm]: my
Legend1[5300-mdm]:Modems in use
Legend3[5300-mdm]:Maximal 5 minutes modems in use
LegendI[5300-mdm]:  used:
ShortLegend[5300-mdm]: modems
PageTop[5300-mdm]: <H1>Modems in use </H1>


>From: "MK Suen" <mksuen at hotmail.com>
>To: mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch
>Subject: [mrtg] Please help -----  Monitor  Cisco 2509 modem poll
>Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 12:58:05 CST
>Does any one know how do I monitor the modem poll of Cisco 2909 ?
>I did try
>Target[ModemHK]: at ip
>MaxBytes[ModemHK]: 8
>Unscaled[ModemHK]: dwmy
>Title[ModemHK]: Modem Usage
>Directory[ModemHK]: modemhk
>Options[ModemHK]: growright,gauge
>WithPeak[ModemHK]: my
>Legend1[ModemHK]:Modems in use
>Legend2[ModemHK]:Modems available
>Legend3[ModemHK]:Maximal 5 Minutes Modems in use
>Legend4[ModemHK]:Maximal 5 Minutes Modems available
>LegendI[ModemHK]:&nbsp; used:
>LegendO[ModemHK]:&nbsp; avail:
>Ylegend[ModemHK]: Modems
>ShortLegend[ModemHK]: modems
>PageTop[ModemHK]: <H1>Modem Usage</H1>
>But there is no output,
>2) I also download the mib for cisco 2500, and use
>[ModemHK]: at ip
>but it has error, and say no response ? how come
>"cmSystemModemsInUse"		""
>"cmSystemModemsAvailable"		""
>"cmSystemModemsUnavailable"		""
>"cmSystemModemsOffline"		""
>"cmSystemModemsDead"		""
>Please help, I did try quite a lot of things, but i am not sure what can I
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