[mrtg] Creating the standard 2-varible PNG image from 2 separate devices

Perkins, Larry perkins at its.gonzaga.edu
Thu Apr 20 22:02:11 MEST 2000


I am relatively new to MRTG and I like it very much.  Thus far,
I've been able to figure out most of the nuances of getting 
the graphs, titles, etc. that I wish to have.  One problem,
however, has me stumped.  We have a series of ODS concentrators
which provide a lot of nice RMON and extended MIB information.
>From this, I can get a packet count of incoming traffic to
each port, but not outgoing traffic.  This makes sense, in a
weird sort of way, since (being repeaters not switches) these
hubs transmit things that come in anywhere back out everywhere.

I can, however, get the total traffic coming from a given 
concentrator as a statistic from our central switches.  The
ultimate idea is to show traffic from each concentrator port 
juxtaposed against the aggregate traffic for the entire device.
This would be quite simple if I could take the "in" traffic from
the port.related.mib.variable on the concentrator and the "out"
traffic from the concentrator.related.mib.variable on the 
switch and put them both into the same graph.  (I.e. two separate
stats from two separate devices) Is there a way to do this?  I've
found several things about "aggregating" data -- and tried them --
but nothing seems to work correctly.  Most of it doesn't even get
by MRTG's error parsing :-(

Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

Larry Perkins

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