[mrtg] Re: simple (?) snmp question...

Kurt Buff kurtb at cancerfacts.com
Fri Apr 21 05:16:10 MEST 2000

First thing, you might try this:


I'm only really familiar with one of the firms listed (OSR), and that
primarily from their good, irreverent and free ocassional newsletter (at
least I've learned some interesting things from it), but they seem to be
focused on the file-system end of things, not networking/SNMP types. But the
URL is a place to start, as that page lists several firms, and books, and
seminars, etc. that might be helpful. The David Solomon seminars mentioned
just might be the ticket, though.

Following on to that, I would recommend looking at the following, which are
a series of books from my favorite online bookseller. One small caveat -
they don't always have things in stock, but I've never waited very long for
them to get a book and ship it. Their prices are almost always better than
the competition, though, over the several years I've been buying from them.







Another caveat - I'm a simple network admin, and couldn't hit myself in the
foot with a loaded compiler/linker if I dropped it, so these suggestions may
be way off base.



| Could someone point us in the right direction, whether it is 
| to documents
| (other than the RFCs, we've read those), or offer your 
| consulting services.
| Thanks very much,
| Jim Jones
| Network Engineer
| Arcom Control Systems, Inc.
| Here is the link to the board in question:
| http://www.arcomcontrols.com/products/icp/pcisabus/PCO24.htm

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