[mrtg] Graphing a Cisco IOS EtherChannel

Merton Campbell Crockett mcc at TO.GD-ES.COM
Sun Apr 23 16:53:16 MEST 2000

I have just replaced aging and out of production Chipcom Galactica switches
and Chipcom 4124MH hubs with Catalyst 2924M XL and Catalyst 2924 XL switches
from Cisco.  These are marketed as a "Stack Pack" and includes paired cross
over cables that link each Catalyst 2924 XL to the Catalyst 2924M XL through
an EtherChannel.

MRTG's cfgmaker does not see anything unique about the pair of interfaces
that are used to form the EtherChannel and creates separate entries for each
channel.  I modified the Target statement for the first interface of the
EtherChannel in the following manner.

 Target[TC1A-C2924M.25]: -25:public at TC1A-C2924M + -26:public at TC1A-C2924M

And, I added a RouterUptime statement specifying the first interface of the
EtherChannel.  Out of curiousity how do others deal with EtherChannels?

Merton Campbell Crockett

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