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> Hello out there,
> it's me (again!!!)
> Does anybody have the OIDs for the vlan-Interfaces of an OmniSwitch? If I
> run cfgmaker, it detects these virtual interfaces, but it doesn't get any
> values.
   I am a late-comer to this list, so please excuse me if I am "out of
  with your request, but I will answer the question which I "think" that you

  are asking :-)

   We have two OmniSwitches currently monitored with MRTG.  CFGMAKER 
  ran sucessfully against both.  It took a while to discover the precise
  between what is established as a config and the "real" use of the various
  What I determined was that the config, consisting of lines like 

             "Target[switch.ip.number]: 2005:snmpid at switch.ip.number"

  was pointing at physical ports in the following manner:  cardslot&port
  Thus "2005" was card2/port5.  In a similar manner, "8012" would be

  As for the Virtual Ports, if you look at the output files created by MRTG
in the
  associate work directory, you should see files of the form:
      Omni.Swithc.IP.Number.1.html   and    Omni.Swithc.IP.Number.10.html
      Omni.Swithc.IP.Number.11.html   and   Omni.Swithc.IP.Number.XX.html
      so forth.    

  If you open these with your friendly neighborhood network browser, you
  find port descriptions which include a line like: 

       Interface: vn253 (1) 

  That is the virtual name MRTG "extracts"  for the interface.

  Now log into your OMNI switch and execute the VIA command.  You should get
  similar to the following:

                   GROUP Interface Attachments For All Interfaces

GROUP:                                       Service/
Slot/Intf          Description               Instance        Protocol
========== ================================ ============   ============
    1.1 :* GROUP #1.0 IP router vport       Rtr     /  1   IP
    1.10:* Grand Central Routing            Rtr     /  2   IP
    1.12:* Academic VLan                    Rtr     /  3   IP
    1.XX:* Staff VLan (1)                   Rtr     /  5   IP

Note the Slot/Intf column.   The number after the dot (.) should coorespond
to the
"XX" in the "Omni.Swithc.IP.Number.XX.html" files created by MRTG.  Be
if you add or delete any Auto Tracker (or other) VLans, because the
between the "vnXXX" port "name" and the ordinal position of the interface
change and cause MRTG to stop paying "attention" to that port.  If you do
extensive editing of the CFG file to match "meaningful" names with  the MRTG
output, then there will be even more "clean up" than usual from otherwise
configuration changes on your OMNI switch.

I hope that this is helpful.


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