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nicolas.pigeau at paribas.com nicolas.pigeau at paribas.com
Thu Apr 27 20:11:38 MEST 2000


As many of you, We are using MRTG here to monitor traffic on leased lines and it
works perfectly.
But we would like to use it to monitor errors on interfaces, and here, things
are getting more difficult.

To get the good data from the routers is not the problem, we are using the good
OID, and MRTG is getting them (I checked using the debug mode of MRTG).

The problem is to display them.
Apparently MRTG keeps on wanting to do the difference between the parameter he
gets with the last one, which is good (the data are counters), but also divide
that by the time between two collects, which is also good for traffic monitoring
(bit/s) but is quite bad for errors monitoring (the number of errors during 5 mn
divided by 3600 seconds makes quite few errors/s, hopefuly less than one, and
here is the problem.).

I tried to use the "step" parameter, but it doesn't work fine.

Anyone doing error monitoring could help me on that ?

Thanks&best regards,


ps: sorry if this question was yet asked on newsgroup, but I don't have access
to them.

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