[mrtg] mrtg-2.9.0pre14 is out ... NT path issues fixed

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Aug 4 21:25:41 MEST 2000


I think now those path issues with nt are fixed ... (using \ in
regular expressions is a bit tricky ... \Q and \E come to the

Any how you can get the latest pre release from the website
and give it a beating ... 

I want to hear some happy voices ... :-)

As always it is avaliable from 



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Changes 2.9.0pre14
From: Rainer Bawidamann <Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de>
 - more flexible config parsing functionality added to
   MRTG_lib.pm in preparation for a better configurable
   14all.cgi due out soon.

From: Tobo
 - fixed NT path issues ... backslash is a bitch in re ... needed to
   put some \Q and \E in to fix things ... (I am amazed it did run at
   all befor this hmmm.

From: Curtis Doty <Curtis at GreenKey.net>
 - fixes some install errors in Makefile.in

From: Thomas Brian Granier <BrianG at zebec.net>
 - NT verion wanted to create "zip" instead for "gif" fixed

From: Tobi
 - reworked directory[x]: and general path issues with
   mrtg ... maybe it works now ... 

 - default graph format for NT is gif (until someone submits a
   rateup.exe which is compiled with a recent gd)

 - fixed bug in confcache code which prevented proper matching
   of non ifnum targets

 - modified parsing rules for EXEC targets, COMMUNITY
   and DESCRIPTION ... 
   EXEC backticks can be used inside when escaped like this: \`
   COMMUNITY space and @ can be used like this \@ and "\ "
   DESCRIPTION space and : can be used with "\ " and "\:"
   in all other combinations the \ has no special significance

From: Tobi
 - made SNMPv2c queriing work ... the target parser did not properly
   see :::::2

From: Tobi
 - fixed target nameing in cfgmaker
 - fixed 'no workdir' error in mrtg
 - fixed populateconfcache for setups with communities other than 'public'

From: Tobi
 - fixed cfgmaker man page to use " for --global delimiters
   as NT seems to have no clue on '.
 - added hint on escaping ! to the indexmaker manual
 - added mrtg version to documentation pages


From: Tobi
 - fixed RunAsDaemon Code ... target array should not get deleted
   between runs.
 - fixed mrtg target parser for If number 0 case ... 

From: Curtis Doty <Curtis at GreenKey.net>      
 - fixes for Makefile install routine

From: Simon Barnes <barnes at gatwick.Geco-Prakla.slb.com>
 - fix to test for validty of results from data returned
   by 'external' targets.It was inverted.

From: Tobi
 - added missing semi colon to indexmaker
 - added requirement for perl 5.005 to indexmaker and cfgmaker
 - added part of the PodParser module so that things work
   with perl 5.005

From: Alex
 - spell fixes for unix-guide.pod, forum.pod, contrib.pod

From: Rainer Bawidamann <Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de>
 - contrib / version 1.0p16 of 14all.cgi

From: Benoit Artuso <benoit at proxad.net>
 - images did not get generated in the correct place with the 'directory' option

From: Tobi
 - converted all documentation to pod format and added several new
   chapters ...

 - created new mrtg homepage which links all available documentation online

 - created new installation guides for unix and nt

 - complete overhaul of the target parser (NOTE: it is NOT
   a horrible Hack any more ... look at the code (tobi is proud)

 - along with the target parser I also replaced all the snmpget logic.

 - calling Interfaces by ifNumber, Ethernet Address, IP Number
   or Description are all neatly integrated in the code. No more
   Horrible Hacks. Along with data polling, the Interface nubmers
   get double checked. If a reconfiguration occures, mrtg automatically
   gets the new configuration from the router. 

 - MRTG does *NOT* notice config changes on Interface Numbers anymore.
   This means if you have devices which change interface numbering
   do not call the interfaces into the mrtg.cfg by number but rather
   by Description or by Ip.

 - added new debug facility to mrtg. Different debug levels can now be called
   by name. Check the beginning of the script.

 - when using rrdtool, mrtg now also deals with *UNKNOWN* and non integer

 - extracted some functionality of mrtg into an external module called
   MRTG_lib.pm. This module is now used by cfgmaker and indexmaker. For
   indexmaker this means that it uses the same cfg parsing engine as mrtg

 - over all about 30% of mrtg got replaced by brand new and rather clean

 - complete rewrite of cfgmaker ... try cfgmaker --help for instructions
   cfgmaker can now produce config files with interface identification by
   Number, Ip, Description and Ethernet Address

 - complete rewrite of indexmaker ... the old code was broken beyond reason.
   options are different in the new indexmaker. Use indexmaker --help for help.

 - added RRDs detection to configure script (--with-RRDs can be used to
   set a path explicitly
From: Tobi
 - added automatic OS detection ... no more editing mrtg
 - better isolation of graphics format ... ${main::GRAPHFMT}
 - made imagedir logdir and htmldir work
 - fixed infinite loop for workdir configs
 - added $! to most open calls for better error reporting
 - reviewed and updated install instructions in README

From: Ilja Pavkovic <illsen at gumblfarz.de>
 - update fuer deutsches locale
From: Tobi
 - removed debug output from mrtg
From: Yovko Lambrev <yovko at plov.omega.bg>
 - fixed bulgarian translation
From: Rainer and Tobi
 - added docu for PageFoot to config.pod
From: Tobi
 - extension config did not work ... now it does
From: ve at hardcore.lt
 - update to lithuanian locale
From: Tobi
 - made new options imagedir logdir and htmldir work
From: Simon Leinen <simon at limmat.switch.ch>
 - some SNMPv2c additions to SNMP_util.pm
From: Tobi
 - added SetEnv[xyz]: option to mrtg.cfg for passing information on to
   external scripts.
From: John Dunning/NS/WSC <jodunni1 at wsc.edu>
 - added -d option to indexmaker wich makes index.html files go into
   the directory with the data files for a target
From: Matija Grabnar <matija.grabnar at arnes.si>
 - added RRDtool / 14all.cgi awareness to indexmaker
From: CmdrData <CmdrData at ex-pressnet.com>
 - contrib nt_n_cisco some tools for running mrtg with ms-sql and cisco gear
From: Graziano Sommariva <Graziano.Sommariva at elsag.it>
 - contrib cfgmaker_dlci
From: Rainer Bawidamann <Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de>
 - made theshold configs working in connections with UseRRDtool: yes
 - updated 14all.cgi in contrib to 1.0p13
From: John Lange <john.lange at darkcore.net>
 - contrib: ipchains accounting script with mrtg
From: Justin Shore <macdaddy at ieee.org>
 - added comments into generated webpage for easier parsing
From: Hui Zhang <zhanghui2 at asiainfo.com>
 - added chinese locale gb
From: Thomas Lehnig <thomas at valinor.escape.de>
 - add new config option 'factor' for scaling the values
   printed below the graph
From: Colin Morey <colin.morey at emaponline.com>
 - allow to split images, logfiles, webpages into different directories
   introduces HtmlDir ImageDir LogDir .
From: Chris Knipe <cgknipe at mweb.co.za>
 - contrib: monitor -- NT/Access/ASP based network monitoring system using mrtg technology.
From: Oleg Krotoff <krot at tnsplus.kz>
 - contrib: mrtg-archiver-script
From: Ladislav Mihok <laco at mrokh.shmu.sk>
 - slovak translation for mrtg
From: Martin Røsjorde <martin.rosjorde at vestfold.eltele.no>
 - improved norwegian translation
From: Michael Med <michael.med at rrz-wien.raiffeisen.at>
 - make complex TZ settings work with rateup in solaris. By copying
   the localtime data to private memory.
From: Walery Kokarev <w.kokarev at link-ul.ru>
 - Added withzeroes option for people who want zero sample considered in their
   average transfer rate.
From: Ù¤Âê¹û <gamago at sina.com>
 - simplified chinese locale
From: Patrick Koppen <koppen at unix-ag.uni-kl.de>
 - make -r work in indexmaker
From: Nick Hilliard <nick at iol.ie>
 - fix for title case in indexmaker (this should take care of the pagetop problem)
From: Tobi and Albert Chin-A-Young <china at thewrittenword.com>
 - added install target to Makefile default prefix is /usr/local/mrtg-2
From: Jodok Sutterluety <jodok at sutty.at>
 - added extension option for people who want their pages end in something else than .html
From: Zaphod Beeblebrox <zaphod at goatrance.com>
 - bulgarian locale
From: "John H. Robinson, IV" <jhriv at ucsd.edu>
 - made cfgmaker print interface speed with apropriate units if we think in
From: Miroslaw.Maczka at bze.com.pl
 - contrib nt-service: make mrtg a service under NT
From: Nathan Wiger <nathan.wiger at west.sun.com>
 - make sure no name gets used twice
 - all errors from cfgmaker should go to STDERR
From: x <tomm02 at yahoo.com>
 - contrib snmpping.pl see if a device speaks snmp
From: Johannes Demel <demel at zid.tuwien.ac.at>
 - fixed minimal hearbeat to be in sync with Interval parameter
   when using RRDtool
From: Simon Leinen <simon at limmat.switch.ch>
 - new version of SNMP Session which can do SNMPv2c
   this allows to poll the ifHC??Octets counters (64Bit) if
   your router supports them ... No more wrapping in this life
   or half life anyway. If you specify y:public at router1:::::2
   this will poll the HC counters. This will only work if
   your router supports it ...
From: Richard Kwong <richard.kwong at cwo.com.au>
 - fix for ytics in rateup
From: Tobi and "Purvis, William" <William.Purvis at compaq.com>
 - added nomib2 option to supress 'sysUptime', 'sysName'
   queriing .... some devices do not support this.
From: Matthew Schumacher <schu at 7x.com>
 - update for contrib/cpuinfo
From: Rainer Bawidamann <Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de>
 - improved rrdtool integration ...
From: Tobi
 - added default for interval in case it does not get set
From: Anton Voronin <anton at urc.ac.ru>
 - additional syntax for Target: 
   Target[ezwf]: \My-Interface2:public at wellfleet-fddi.ethz.ch
   use the interface description
From: Jozsef Szilagyi <szjozsef at texnet.ro>
 - improved romainan translation
From: Alon Goldberg <pyro at boss.elapsed.net>
 - bugfixes for contrib/diskmon/getdisk.pl
From: Steven.Shipway at adsweu.com
 - contrib routers: CGI frontend to mrtg/RRDtool
   check example on http://ukpavu99.adsweu.com/cgi-bin/routers.cgi 
From: ve <ve at hardcore.lt>
 - pmd file for Lithuanian language
From: Miroslaw.Maczka at bze.com.pl
 - contrib Informix Performance monitoring
From: Roddy Strachan <roddy at satlink.com.au>
 - contrib Access-list Monitoring via MRTG
From: Clas Mayer <cmayer at lulea.amu.se>
 - swedish translation
From: Simos Xenitellis <S.Xenitellis at rhbnc.ac.uk>
 - improved greek translation
From: Christian Rost <cr at rocon.de>
 - spell fixes for german.pmd
From: seweryn at anatema.torun.pdi.net
 - spell fixes for polish translation
From: Tobi
 - shame on me ... all these nice translations and I forgot to update the MANIFEST ...
   now they are all in ...

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