[mrtg] Re: SNMP error

Steven Stringham SStringh at lrlaw.com
Fri Aug 4 23:49:50 MEST 2000

Try the following scripting lines.  The problems is most likely the lack
of a perminute value.  Remember, MRTG wants to graph based on 300
seconds per interval values and integer to boot.  This means that you
will nothing if you have not moved more than 300 messages through in a 5
minute time.

Also follows some samples for monitoring POA, MTA and WebAccess gateway
status information.

Good Luck.

. at gatewaymachine
Title[GWIABYTES]: Number of Bytes Through GWIA Gateway
MaxBytes[GWIABYTES]: 10000000
PageTop[GWIABYTES]: <H2>Number of Bytes Through GWIA Gateway</H2>
YLegend[GWIABYTES]: Bytes Transmitted
ShortLegend[GWIABYTES]: Bytes Transmitted
LegendI[GWIABYTES]: Bytes In:&nbsp
LegendO[GWIABYTES]: Bytes Out:&nbsp
Options[GWIABYTES]: perminute, integer, growright

. at gatewaymachine
Title[GWIAMSGS]: Number of Messages Through GWIA Gateway
MaxBytes[GWIAMSGS]: 1000
PageTop[GWIAMSGS]: <H2>Number of Messages Through GWIA Gateway</H2>
YLegend[GWIAMSGS]: Messages Transmitted
ShortLegend[GWIAMSGS]: Messages Transmitted
LegendI[GWIAMSGS]: Messages In:&nbsp
LegendO[GWIAMSGS]: Messages Out:&nbsp
Options[GWIAMSGS]: perminute, integer, growright

. at targetmachine
Title[POARQUSTS]: C/S Requests on POA
MaxBytes[POARQUSTS]: 10000
Ylegend[POARQUSTS]: Request/Min
PageTop[POARQUSTS]: <H2>C/S Requests on POA</H2>
Options[POARQUSTS]: perminute, integer, growright

. at targetmachine
Title[POAUSERS]: Number of Sessions/Users Connected
MaxBytes[POAUSERS]: 2000
Ylegend[POAUSERS]: Number of Users
PageTop[POAUSERS]: <H2>Number of Sessions/Users Connected</H2>
Options[POAUSERS]: integer, gauge, growright

. at targetmachine
Title[POADISK]: Available Disk Space to POA
MaxBytes[POADISK]: 3600000
Ylegend[POADISK]: Available MB
PageTop[POADISK]: <H2>Available Disk Space to POA</H2>
Options[POADISK]: integer, gauge, growright
LegendO[POADISK]: Total: &nbsp
LegendI[POADISK]: Available: &nbsp

. at targetmachine
Title[MTA_LR_ROUTED]: MTA Messages Routed
MaxBytes[MTA_LR_ROUTED]: 1000000
Ylegend[MTA_LR_ROUTED]: Messages/Min
PageTop[MTA_LR_ROUTED]: <H2>MTA Messages Routed</H2>
Options[MTA_LR_ROUTED]: Perminute, integer, growright

. at targetmachine
Title[WEB_USERS]: Number of Sessions/Users Connected to the Web Access
MaxBytes[WEB_USERS]: 1000000000
Ylegend[WEB_USERS]: Number of Users
PageTop[WEB_USERS]: <H2>Number of Sessions/Users Connected</H2>
Options[WEB_USERS]: integer, gauge, growright
LegendI[WEB_USERS]: Sessions: &nbsp

>>> "Ibrahim Garbioglu" <igarbiog at ccac.edu> 02:35:15 PM 08/04/2000 >>>

Essentially, I'm trying to track the incoming and outgoing Internet
mail which is passing through the Novell's GWIA (GroupWise Internet
Agent) agent in 5 minutes intervals. Is this doable? I realize that time
to time there would not be a value to plot (i.e. no Internet mail
received or sent during that 5 minutes). I'm including the configuration
file which I tried to use without a success (with this configuration, I
get two solid lines running parallel to X axis).
I appreciate any help in advance
igarbiog at ccac.edu 

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